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External Authentication

Implementing Libraries

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Library Home Page Type of
Login American University of Paris LDAP Perl
Login Auckland University of Technology JSP
Login California Lutheran University Perl
Login Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology JSP
Login Columbia University
Login East Tennessee State University
Login Flinders University LDAP Perl
Jefferson Lab LDAP JSP
Login Kansas State University
Login Monash University LDAP Perl
Login Northwest University LDAP PHP
Login Purdue University LDAP Perl
Login Skidmore College ColdFusion
Login Southern Methodist University LDAP
Login Tarrant County College LDAP JSP
Login Texas A&M University CAS
Login University of Adelaide
Login University of British Columbia
Login University of California, Los Angeles ASP
Login University of Connecticut
Login University of Guelph LDAP ColdFusion
Login University of Otago JSP
Login University of Kansas Shibboleth(?)
Login University of Rochester LDAP ColdFusion
Login University of South Australia ASP
Login University of Texas at Arlington LDAP Perl
Login University of Vermont
Login University of Waikato JSP
Login University of Wales Swansea LDAP JSP
Login University of Wyoming ColdFusion
Login Victoria University of Wellington JSP
Login Wesleyan University LDAP Perl
Login Western Michigan University LDAP Perl
Login Worcester Polytechnic Institute C
Login Yale University CAS JSP

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