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New Books List


How It Works

The process starts with a Perl script, newBooks.pl that runs on the Voyager database server. This script containing embedded SQL queries connects to Voyager's underlying Oracle database via the magic of the Perl DBI and DBD::Oracle modules. The newBooks.pl script is designed to run every night as a cron job. It outputs newBooks.txt, a flat file containing records of newly received items. This flat file is then transferred to the WebVoyage server.

When a patron does a search, the newBooks.cgi script reads the flat file database of new items and returns all items that match the selected criteria. Each item returned has a link back to the corresponding record in the WebVoyage catalog. Users can print/download, or email selected new item listings.

A search form, generated by newBooks.cgi, gives users a variety of options for displaying new items. Patrons can choose all new books, or only books for a particular location. They can select from one to four weeks (or months) worth of items. In addition, the form allows for keyword searching, and users can select the number of records to display per page. Default sorting is by call number, but patrons can re-sort a results list by author, title, or call number.

Libraries that implement multiple "skins" will find that the New Books List can utilize that skin and will map to the corresponding New Books List language module for that skin.