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New Books List


Thanks to Wally Grotophorst at George Mason University, who created the first (to my knowledge) automated new books list from Voyager using Perl. Wally was the pioneer.

Thanks to the UTA Libraries' technical services staff who have helped me to better understand the cataloging and acquisitions process: Jill Emery, Karen Hopkins, Debra Lou Carter, Leveta Hord, and Sunday Phillips. With their assistance I was able to begin defining what a "new" item was in terms of the Voyager database tables.

Thanks to the systems people at the sites that installed the largely uncommented and undocumented early versions of the New Books List. The realization that other sysadmins were actually wading through my programming efforts shamed me into developing a more user-friendly release. In particular, thanks to Mike Forth (University of Auckland), Phil Williams (University System of Georgia), Kamori Cattadoris (Spokane Falls Community College), Beth Nicol (Auburn University), and others.

Thanks to Endeavor Information Systems, for designing a library system that easily accommodates add-on programming such as this. Additional thanks to Endeavor (and especially Penny Emke) for featuring the New Books List as a Voyager "success story" on the Endeavor web site.

Thanks to Curtis Parish at Union University. His inspired customization of the version 2 search form to mimic WebVoyage made me take a fresh look at the New Books List programs. One code change led to another, with the end result being a radically improved version 3.

Thanks to Tom Mendenhall at Humboldt State University for doing a beta installation of version 3.

Thanks to Alan Keely at Wake Forest University, who figured out how to add a fourth tab to WebVoyage search screens. That was a vital step in integrating the New Books List into WebVoyage.

Thanks to Raimo Körkkö at Oulu University for beta testing the character set conversion routines and other internationalization changes in version 3.3.

Thanks to Alan Manifold at Purdue University for sharing his knowledge of the Voyager database structure. Alan's advice led to a more refined SQL query in version 4.

Thanks to Raimo Körkkö (Oulu University), Satu Ilva (Turku University), and Eila Montonen (Mikkeli Polytechnic) for their assistance in the Finnish translation, and Tomas Friberg (National Library of Sweden) for his assistance in the Swedish translation. Any remaining mistakes or awkward syntax are mine, of course.

Thanks to Eila Montonen at Mikkeli Polytechnic for doing a multilingual beta intallation of version 5.0.

Thanks to Bob Richart at Madigan Army Medical Center for doing the first New Books List installation on a Windows box and sharing the tweaks necessary to make it work.

Thanks to Scott Hayes, Ali Jafri, and Eli Lutfallah at Endeavor Information Systems for their assistance in porting the New Books List to the Windows 2000 platform.

Thanks to the translation division of the University of Wales Aberystwyth for doing a Welsh translation and then sharing that language module.

Thanks to Laura Guy of the Colorado School of Mines for doing a beta installation of version 6.0.

Thanks to Mike Dicus and the folks at Ex Libris for including our library in Voyager 7.0 field testing. That access allowed us to develop a compatible version of the New Books List and have it ready by general release.

Thanks to Jon Woltz whose "Enhancing WebVoyagé with Syndetic Catalog Data" EndUser session was just the information I needed to add the Syndetic book cover functionality.

Thanks to Matt Mitchell at the University of Virginia Library for sharing his Google book cover javascript code.

Thanks to my colleague Fen Lu at the University of Texas at Arlington Library for her assistance in the Chinese translation. Any remaining mistakes or awkward syntax are mine, of course.

Thanks to Ex Libris' Voyager product upgrade division for including a required module in the Voyager 7.0 Perl distribution.

Thanks to Laura Guy and Tim Donnelly of the Colorado School of Mines for doing a beta installation of version 7.0.

Thanks to Bob Samson, my boss, for giving me the freedom to work on interesting projects such as this.

Thanks to the Voyager folks from around the United States and the world who took the time to share their comments, kind words, and suggestions.