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Launch the ShelfLister application and then use the data below to do searches.

Note to UT Arlington Library staff: Do not use this demo instance for real projects

This application is in development and the live demo may not always be available.

Sample input data for barcode entry form
Start barcode End barcode Stacks Area
31334020541989 31334022464354 Science & Engineering Library Books
31334005997461 31334004114456 Central Library Books
31334003339351 31334009059623 Central Library Books
31334002561021   Central Library Periodicals
Sample input data for call number entry form
Start call number End call number Stacks Area ("Location")
QA76.73.P22 B7 QA76.73. P47 H87 Science & Engineering Library Books
PR 5686 .H26 1991 PR 5687 .T7 Central Library Books
HD62.7 .H68 1982 HD 66 .C515 1996 Central Library Books
BF 1 .P7   Central Library Periodicals

Demo Tips

Error Handling

You can test data validation and error handling by: