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LDAP to Patron Load

The Voyager ILS includes an internal patron database. Patron records may be created and/or updated individually using the Circulation staff client or records can be created/updated en masse using the patron load batch job.

The patron load batch job requires that the data be formatted according to the Patron Record Standard Interface File (SIF) specification.

The ldump.pl Perl script queries the campus LDAP directory and gets a dump of currently enrolled students, university employees and retirees. It massages the data and outputs the records in the Voyager patron SIF format.

The patron-update-ldump.sh shell script kicks off the Voyager patron load batch job ("Pptrnupdt") once the SIF file has been created by the ldump.pl script.

Our process is fully automated via this Voyager crontab entry:

10 0 * * * /path-to/ldump.pl && /path-to/patron-update-ldump.sh