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Tomcat WebVoyáge

Canned Links

Canned links via Bib ID number

The syntax for classic WebVoyáge was/is:
The syntax for Tomcat WebVoyáge is:

All other canned links

Although I've not done extensive testing, my understanding is that all other canned links for Tomcat WebVoyáge should be as simple as copying the URL from the browser address bar for the page that you want to return to and pasting it into a link.

There is no longer a need for adding DB=local to the URL nor is there a need to remove session state information (e.g. the PID) from the URL.

Good news, bad news

The good news is that canned links should be much simpler to create under Tomcat WebVoyáge. The bad news however, is that if you currently have a lot of static web pages that include canned links back into the classic version of WebVoyáge, they will need to be updated to link into Tomcat WebVoyáge.

Skin note

A persistent link does not incorporate session state information. This means that unless you explicitely specify a skin parameter in your persistent link query string, a user that cuts and pastes that link, and uses it sometime after the session expires, will get the default skin. Example with explicit skin: